Warhammer Tournament!

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Highland Township Public Library
Community Room - Lower Level

Event Details

Warhammer Tournament!
Event starts at Noon Come as early as 10:00am Ends at 8:00pm Come one, come all! We'll have door prizes and prizes for battle winners! Rules for participation: 1. 2,000-point Warhammer 40K list 2. No named/ Unique Characters 3. Must have two copies of your list printed or written 4. Must have at least a copy of your army's codex. 5. You may use Forge World models if you also have the correct rulings for them, but you may not use proxies for the models themselves 6. We are using the "Rise of the Immortals" campaign setting for our HQ choice, in which you may be required to make an Immortal if you don't already have one (but don't worry, we can explain that the day of) 7. You must be ready to have fun! Thanks to our sponsors! BC Comix in Fenton and RIW Hobbies in Livonia
Event Type(s): Teen, Adult
Age Group(s): Teen (Grades 6 - 12), Adult